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Barkbusters Handprotektor Schutzbügel BHG40.2-NP

Für BMW F700GS / F800GS (Adventure) ab BJ 2013

  1. localhorst


    This handguard is designed specifically for the Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere, 2013 BMW F700GS and 2013 BMW F800GS

    It includes:
    • A super tough ergonomically designed aluminium backbone for added strength.
    • All mounting hardware so it can be easily installed in just minutes.
    Note: This product (BHG40.2-NP) does not include the plastic covers.

    Choose your protection from VPS or Storm plastic covers.

    weitere Produktbilder

    1. BHG40.2-NP-with-Storm-Plastics.jpg
    2. BHG40.2-NP-with-VPS-Plastics.jpg